“We can offer more than 1,000 tons of table grapes this season”

Moldovan fruit producers have invested more in table grape cultivation recently. One exporter states they have had their first harvest with the Pergola support system, which will allow them to offer over 1,000 tons for the season.

According to Lidia Ionas, marketing specialist for Moldovan fruit exporter IonexTrans, there have been more investments into the cultivation of table grapes over the last few seasons: “In recent years, Moldovan producers have invested in setting up modern table grape plantations with Pergola and Gable support systems, which allows them to obtain a larger quantity of higher quality grapes. Thanks to the modern production and post-harvest technologies implemented in the enterprises, as well as the international certificate for confirming the harmlessness of the fruit, we've managed to export grapes to the most demanding EU markets such as the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France.”

Ionaș states this will be the first harvest of table grapes that is supported by the new Pergola system: “Our company, founded in 2001, is one of the most advanced fruit producers in Republic of Moldova. We produce plums, apricots and table grapes. Fruits and grapes are stored, sorted and packaged according to the most rigorous international standards. This year we have our first harvest of table grapes on the Pergola support system. We can offer 1,200 tons of the Moldova table grapes variety.”

“We have GlobalG.A.P. and GRASP certifications for all our fruits, it speaks about the care and responsibility we take towards the consumer. We are conscious that our business is based on trust, continuity and long-term cooperation. The sorted grapes are packed in cardboard boxes of 6 kilos, in wooden crates of 8 kilos or in flow pack casseroles 1-2 kilos, depending on customer demand.”

“Ionex-Trans has a good experience of selling fruits on EU market. Their fruits were exported to Romania, Germany, France, Poland, Russian Federation and more. This means we can meet the requirements of buyers in different markets and different sales channels, including modern retail.” Ionaș concludes.

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Date of publication: Thursday, November 25, 2021
Author: Nick Peters

Source: https://www.freshplaza.com/article/9377140/we-can-offer-more-than-1-000-tons-of-table-grapes-this-season/

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