About Ionex

For 20 years we have been delivering the tastiest and safest fruits on national and international markets

We are the IONEX family, who, being in love with their homeland and the richness of this land, created a business with a tradition, based on the passion for agriculture, carefully passed down from generation to generation.

The story of our business started with IONAȘ GHEORGHE, who founded the company IONEX-TRANS as a Limited Liability Company in 2001. But this story continues, thanks to his children, who got involved and found themselves in this amazing agricultural business.

We managed to harmoniously combine, as in a traditional moldovan carpet, the family customs and values, modern technology and care for those who consume our fruits. We continuously invest in our activity in order to offer everyone fresh and tasty fruits, of the highest quality.

For over 20 years, side by side, we have been working with dedication and a lot of diligence to look with confidence and pride in the eyes of every consumer who has tasted our fruits.

What are we doing?

IONEX-TRANS SRL is an agricultural company specialized in the production, storage, processing and selling of fruits. Over the years, the company has faced a steady rise, in terms of turnover, in terms of infrastructure development that forms a complete value chain: starting from orchards and ending with modern cold stores, but also the number of staff involved in the company's operations.

All the company's processes comply with international quality and safety standards and requirements, confirmed by GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP. The quality of the fruits and the way they are delivered in order to maintain their freshness for long periods are appreciated by loyal buyers, but also by new one.

The company's employees are trained once a year in the field of Health and Safety in Work, in order to maintain the handling processes according to international standards.

Since 2012, IONEX-TRANS has been part of the MOLDOVA FRUCT Association, the most representative association in the field operating in the Republic of Moldova.

The manager of our company, IONAȘ ION, is a member of the board of the Association. Since 2014 the company is part of the FRUCTBIOIMPEX Entrepreneurial Cooperative.

As long as this is a family business, each of us is involved in all the processes and stages, so that every customer of our company can enjoy the authentic taste of Moldovan fruits. We ensure the quality and freshness of our products due to the modern infrastructure we have:

  • 91 ha of orchards and vineyards, of which 55 ha, in 2022, will bear the first fruit
  • 2 modern sorting and packaging lines
  • The only flow pack type packaging line in the Republic of Moldova
  • A cold storage with a capacity of 1200 tons
  • 42 trained and dedicated to work employees

IONEX family members

The spirit of family is always present in our activity. We are a family passionate about what we do, with love and respect for the fertile land, where each member does his best to offer the best products to end consumers.
Founder of IONEX-TRANS

Ionaș Gheorghe

Specialist in Economic Law, passionate about agriculture. He is the founder of the business that he started with a lot of work and with the desire to contribute to the development of the Republic of Moldova, for his children and grandchildren.
Chief Accountant / Broker

Ionaș Galina

The one who makes sure that the fresh fruit reaches the recipient without delay, in order not to compromise the company's image in relation to its buyers.

Ionaș Ion

After several years of study and work abroad, driven by a longing for home and the country, he returned and joined the family business in order to build the future of his children in the Republic of Moldova.

Ionaș Lidia

Following her husband and sharing the same aspirations, Lidia, being a specialist in Economics, Accounting, Marketing and Logistics, works as an accountant within the company.